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Deed Back Timeshare, Vacation Ownership or RCI Points


Timeshare Deed Back. Deed back your timeshare, vacation club or RCI points. Our timeshare deed back program can cancel your current timeshare, vacation club or RCI points, whether it's "deeded" or a "right to use" ownership, Guaranteed.  In today’s market some timeshare's have become very hard to sell due to their high maintenance fee's, lack of options and for ever increasing special assessments fees, some can’t be sold at all!  Our " timeshare deed back" program offers these types of owners a chance to get out of their ownership forever, thus alleviating the stress of reoccurring maintenance fees and/or the chance of leaving it and expenses to a loved one.  The best part is - Its 100% Guaranteed!

Timeshare Deed Back - Vacation Club Deed Back - Points Deed Back

* No more maintenance fee's ever
* No more special assessment fee's
* Stop paying for something you don’t or can't use
* Take the stress away of knowing the ownership and expenses won't be left to loved ones

Deed Back Your Timeshare




Proud Members: The Canadian Vacation Ownership Association

Proud Members: The Canadian Vacation Ownership Association

Secondary Ownership Group is happy to announce that we are now proud and happy members of the Canadian Vacation Ownership Association and look forward to years of a great working relationship and following the guidelines they set up for the timeshare market in Canada

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