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Find the value of your Timeshare, RCI Points, Vacation Club and Vacation Ownership on today's timeshare resale market

What Is My Timeshare Worth
It's very important to price your timeshare according to what the market bears. Accurately pricing your timeshare is one of the most important factors in expediting the resale process. If you are interested in determining the current market value of your timeshare or vacation ownership then simply fill out the short form to the right and find out the value on today's resale market. (Fill out short form to the right or call Toll Free 877-430-4396)


Resale Checklist
Before selling your timeshare, make sure that you have your paperwork in order. The following checklist should help.

•The name and location of the resort the ownership was purchased at.
•The deed & contract or membership agreement which clearly identifies the ownership.
•Any other information to identify clearly your particular interest or membership.
•The exchange company affiliation.
•The amount and due date of your maintenance fee, and whether its up to date.
•The date your timeshare will next become available for use by a new owner or when a new  owner can first make a reservation.
•Whether your timeshare is a fixed week or a "floating - flex time" or if its on a points system and how many points

Selling Timeshare


What's My Timeshare Worth?


Deed Back Timeshare




Proud Members: The Canadian Vacation Ownership Association

Proud Members: The Canadian Vacation Ownership Association

Secondary Ownership Group is happy to announce that we are now proud and happy members of the Canadian Vacation Ownership Association and look forward to years of a great working relationship and following the guidelines they set up for the timeshare market in Canada

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