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Canada, Ontario

Geo Holiday Group
PO Box 231586 • Las Vegas, NV 89193,
Toronto, M4P 3A2 , On

ID# Geo - Open Dates Available

Geo Holiday Group
ID # Geo - Open Dates Available
Unit # Varies
Bedroom Size: Variable
Weeks: Float
Season: Varies
Points: N/A
Sleeps: Varies
Maintenance: 0.00 $ Can
For Rent: Open to Offers $ Can

SALE PRICE  Open to Offers

Available in multiple locations with multiple unit sizes available.

Geo Holiday Group Exchange Company: RCI   -   Resort Type:Resort of International Distinction

Unlike traditional vacation ownership products, the flexible GeoHoliday credits-based program allows its Members to - Visit any of the Club's properties at any time of the year, Enjoy several vacations in a year, Book midweek and weekend "getaway" vacations, Select the perfectly sized unit for each vacation, Redeem GeoHoliday Credits for vacations on land OR at sea, Shorten the term of Membership by "accelerating" the use of their total Credit allotment (i.e. more frequent vacations over a short period of time), Carry over unused credits from one year to the next!

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